If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!

Being proud Dutchies we love to run the extra mile to introduce our guests into the real Dutch Culture.  
Start your day with a typical Dutch breakfast and remember….the Dutch like it sweet!!  Cereal, jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter, we have it all. But if you want the real Dutch Deal try Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) on bread with butter! Super lekker!
Monday Nights are our famous Dutch Delight Nights. Free samples of cheese, jenever  (dutch Gin) and our favorite: dropjes/ liquorise.  Of course we play a game of Sjoelen (pronounced as Shoe-len), Please don’t think this game is just for fun. The Dutch are very competitive when it comes to a good old set of sjoeling. We have a wall of fame for high scores. Get your name on it and you will earn our livelong respect.

Raw herring anyone?

Okay, the Netherlands are not world famous for their cuisine. But we do have some super tasty food. Join us on Tuesdays to the market and treat your bellies to some fine Dutch delicacies. Of course we start in the new market hall, an amazingly impressive building! Try stroopwafel , cheese and  - if your stomach is ready for it - Raw Herring. Otherwise Kibbeling (fried fish) is a very tasty alternative.
The market hall is opened every day from 10 to 8 and on Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a local open air market on the Binnenrotte Square.
Before you leave the country, don’t forget about Dutch apple pie (preferably Dudok), poffertjes, patatje Mayo and  kapsalon  (a basket filled with French fries, doner kebab, salad, cheese and  garlic sauce). About 2000 calories, very lekker and the ultimate - if not the only - solution for a hangover.
Getting around Rotterdam you will notice the Dutch are a friendly bunch and they’re happy to speak English to you. The Rotterdam people are happy to tell you about their city and show you the way. Like we always say: Amsterdam takes your money, Rotterdam takes your heart!