Rotterdam Like a Local - Secret ‘Must Sees’ from our Staff

Heading to Rotterdam? Then these are the secret things that visitors MUST SEE from our Local experts – our team here at Room Rotterdam! We have recommendations on what to eat and where, our favourite places to relax and chill out, the best parties, and what to see that’s a little bit different. Here are our top like-a-local secret ‘must sees’ from the Room Rotterdam staff.


Where is the best place to party like a local?

We’re biased as we think the Room Rotterdam bar has the best live music events!, but there are plenty of places around town to enjoy the local vibe. Monique is a Rotterdammer and she recommends Witte de With Straat for partying. "This is where you find the best bars and it’s great for live music. I recommend trying Witte Aap bar, Bar or NRC. For more of a party try Annabel, Schiebrock, and Maassilo – they’re a little more late night venues, and also Revolt." Angela is from nearby Westland and also says to try Witte de With Straat for the best choice. She loves Bokaal and for a cosy café bar recommends trying Bar Labru.

Where is the best local spot for lunch with a view?

Monique likes to visit Veerhaven and pick a place along the waterfront. "For lunch outside on the deck chairs try Parqiet at the Park at Euromast. I personally like Schone Lei at Kralingse Plas to enjoy the scenery. Aloha Bar is also great for a tropical vibe and views of Rotterdam." Pablo loves Fenix Food Factory for food and sunset, as well as the classic Hotel New York.

Solveiga loves to relax and enjoy the views in Rotterdam. Her tip for somewhere she loves that is no secret to locals but not somewhere visitors often explore is Kralingse Plas. "It has the best sunrises and sunsets to watch from the lake. It's great for a bike ride or a walk or picnic and one of my favourite places in Rotterdam. You can also see some windmills from here!"

What is your ‘like a local tip’?

Pablo loves to chill in Het Park and enjoys the festivals and live music around town. He’s from Spain and has been living in Rotterdam for the past 4 years. His local tip on where to chill out is to visit Deliplein – it’s popular with locals rather than tourists, so it’s a great to enjoy the peace.  Angela says her favourite insider tip for the best unusual place to grab a drink is Pelgrim, a brewery in Delfshaven. For something a little bit different around town then she loves the boat Vessel 1.

Melanie is from a small town nearby and has been in Rotterdam the past 2 years. She loves the variety in the city and the world class events, museums, food and shopping! She has a tip for what not to miss "I love the beautiful panoramic views from the top of the Euromast! It’s not just for tourists as locals love it too!"

For a local food-lovers experience, Monique loves to go and get the kibbeling and herring at the Rotterdam Market on Binnerotte (open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.) Solveiga is from Latvia but after 6 years here her tip on being a Rotterdammer is to eat kapsolon and drink black coffee and bitter beer like the locals! You have to give it a try while you’re here.

What Festival is the Best for a Local Vibe?

Rotterdam is known as a festival city and Pablo is Room’s music-loving concert organiser. He has his local favourites, "there are also so many free festivals in the city during the summer that you should try out, such as Metropolis, and the Bluegrass Festival."

Festival loving Monique recommends North Sea Jazz Around Town and North Sea Jazz at Ahoy. "It’s a must for music lovers as the most incredible jazz festivals taking place in Rotterdam over 3 days in July on the second weekend. It’s definitely the best event of the year!"

And don’t leave Rotterdam before you’ve taken a ride on a water taxi. Make like a local and check out the best views of the city – this is a 'must do' before you leave!!!

We hope you enjoyed our tips of how to enjoy Rotterdam like a local, for more great suggestions visit our blog!