About us
We love backpacking....
And brought it to Rotterdam!
The story about hostel ROOM started a long, long time ago when two Dutch friends (Mirjam & Monique) finished their studies back in the late 90’s. They took their backpacks, packed their paperback Lonely Planet guides and started travelling the world.  Whilst travelling, having an occasional drink, meeting lots of other travelers and being very busy with exploring the world, they came up with the idea to start a hostel in their hometown Rotterdam….and we all know the best ideas come to life when you’re on vacation!  
It took a little while, some planning, lots of money, motivation, determination and with a hell lot of help from friends and family, but finally in 2006 the ultimate dream started: opening a backpackers hostel in Rotterdam. The 1st independent hostel in the city!  

Now that we are many years ahead hostel ROOM has become a buzzing backpackers hostel and we are still super proud of what has been achieved. So many people from of all over the world have found their home away from home, fell in love, broke up, got drunk, made new friends and got inspired to pursue their own dreams and goals in life. They all became just as enthusiastic about Rotterdam as we are and shared their thoughts and crazy pictures with the rest of the world.  

We couldn’t have created this great ‘home away from home’ community hostel without our lovely dedicated staff. A great mix between local Rotterdam citizens and travelers who decided to stick around for a while. They are all part now of this amazing ROOM family and we all have one thing in common: our love for Rotterdam and travelling!

We can't wait to meet you and hope to welcome you soon in our hostel!

Lots of love

Mirjam and Monique
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