House rules
We respect
our guests and
Please keep your sound level down between 11 PM and 8 AM in the morning. Although this might seem a difficult thing to do when you had a few beers, please try. You don’t want to upset our night porter.
We love
to talk about Rotterdam
If you need the best insider travel tips come talk with us! We know best and we also have good discount tickets available and a free citymap!
understand your travel plans might change
If you want to cancel your stay with us, please tell us 48 hours before check in time. So this means before 2 PM the day before. For group travellers (>8) different policies apply. Read all about it here.
We don't
like the sound of a fire alarm
When there’s smoke, there’s a fire! And when you do something to make the fire alarm go off (or intentionally disable the smoke detectors) we will present you the bill of the fire department which isn’t cheap (EUR 150,=).
We are not
your mum
Yes, we clean your room, make up your bed and serve you breakfast but we don’t like explosive diahrerrea, vomit and other body fluids being in places where they don’t belong. Also please keep the guest kitchen clean for the next great home cook.
We like to
party... but
There are some strict Dutch laws when it comes to the use of drugs and smoking weed and cigarettes. This means:
1. You have to respect our non-smoking policy in the building.
2. You are only allowed to smoke pot in a coffeeshop. Smoking it in or outside our building is strictly forbidden.  According to the Dutch law we will lose our bar license if the police finds you smoking weed inside or on our terrace or foothpath. Smoking weed in our hostel or terrace means you will have to leave the hostel immediately.
3. No drugs or any sedative substances are allowed inside or outside our building.
4. No alcohol allowed in the rooms
We are a
hostel for backpackers and international students
We love people of all sorts and kinds, but we are not looking for permanent housemates. Of course if you are a newby to city, we’d love to welcome you for the first couple of weeks of your stay, but after that you will have to move on. Also if you are a Rotterdam resident you can not stay over for the night but you are more than welcome for a drink in our bar.
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