ROOM bar


June 30

Open Mic Night

Get out of the basement and on to the stage! It’s time for another Open Mic Night in your favorite Living ROOM!
20:30 - 23:30 / Free entrance

July 1

North Sea Round Town - Valerio Lysander

Based in London, Valerio Lysander has been performing in prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scott’s Jazz venue, the Troubadour and Green Note. He was nominee for the best British Unsigned Awards, broadcasted by the BBC. His lively music brings light even in the slowest of his tunes, sounding like a mix between Jamie Lidell, Bishop Allen and Joshua Radin.
Starts at 21:00 / Free entrance

July 6

North Sea Round Town - Laurèn ter Horst

Laurèn ter Horst is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter based in Rotterdam. Laurèn has been crafting her own songs since the age of sixteen and her music features characteristics of pop, folk, and country. She has also been actively working on side musical projects with guitarist Cas ’t Hart, who will join her on stage of North Sea Round Town.
Starts at 12:30 / Free entrance

July 7

North Sea Round Town - Luigino and the big ass children

A multi-instrumentalist producer, rapper and singer from Utrecht, The Netherlands, Luigino grew up in a church and started making music since a young kid.  In 2010 he started making beats and became even more interested in music, he has taught himself a couple of instruments including; Piano, drums, guitar and the bass.  With his jazzy, soulful sound and warm voice Luigino will take you on a trip during his performances.
Starts at 12:30 / Free entrance

July 8

North Sea Round Town - Satoyama

Satoyama, founded in 2013, brings together four talented musicians and their own musical universe and experience with attentive ears to contemporary jazz and classical music.  Deeply influenced by the north european jazz, the contemporary classical music and the world music they try to combine all the contaminations as one.
Starts at 12:30 / Free entrance

July 9

North Sea Round Town - ROOM's Vocalsz

The 2017 NSRT Festival is finally here, in the breathtaking city of Rotterdam on the 9th of July @ 12.00 Noon, where you will be delightfully entertain by the dynamic and charismatic songbirds from Vocalsz, for a full two (2) hours of mellifluous Jazz & Soul music that will take you on a unforgettable journey.
Starts at 12:00 / Free entrance