Have a room

The hostel has 17 spacious rooms, each styled according a Rotterdam and/or Dutch theme. This will make your stay even more interesting.

We have private rooms and shared dorms,  female and mixed, whatever suits you and your budget.  Regardless of what your choice may be there's free WiFi, lockers, reading lights, private or shared bathroom facilities and lots more for everyone!

Last but not least: in the morning there's a nice breakfast waiting for you in the foyer....

For the best comfort and privacy, you can book one of our 2 person rooms. Available with a double or bunk bed.
From 50,- per room

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This room has ensuite bathroom facilities, you only have to leave it for our free breakfast and a beer in the bar!
From 65,- per room

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Are you travelling with a group of 4 friends or family? Try our budget 4 person private room with shared bathroom facilities.
From 80,- per room

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A bit larger with 3 bunk beds and enough space to relax with your friends. Also available as a female only.

From 22,50 p.p.p.n

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Talking about small, medium and large: this is our medium! And large with regards to your comfort.
From 20,50 p.p.p.n

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Our cheapest option available but with a stunning view and all the facilities which also come with our other room.
From 16,50 p.p.p.n

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