Explore the Netherlands by Bike!

Backpacking is ‘bikepacking’ these days!

Flight shame, tight budget or just looking for a sporty challenge this year? Bikepacking, or backpacking on a bicycle, is the solution for those seeking a sporty, sustainable and budgetfriendly vacation.

Bikepacking Holland is a collaboration of 14 hostels in the Netherlands, offering travellers a sustainable alternative to travel withing the country and Europe. Bikepack to and from various hostels in the Netherlands with your backpack under your bike's saddle. Whether you go for a 'lazy route' or the 'die-hard' dedicated bikeroute, these hostels have a nice bed ready for you after a day in the saddle, and you get a delicious breakfast in the morning, and they will pamper you extra if you mention the code #bikepacking when you book with them!

Bike to hostels in Groningen, Leeuwarden, Giethoorn, Zwolle, Utrecht, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Noordwijk, The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Valkenswaard and Maastricht. If you choose the complete route, you will tour 1,100 km, which is about 60 hours of cycling. However, you are free to choose your route and limit the distance. Hop on your bike with a good friend, lover, or family, and you have the perfect simple trip!

On the website bikepackingholland.nl you can read more about the participating hostels and different destinations, suggested routes between hostels, surprising hightlights along the way, and adventures of bikers who have already experienced Bikepacking Holland. Reservations can be made immediately, and you can choose one or more destinations.

All participating hostels

Alkmaar – Kings Inn
Haarlem – Hello I’m Local
Noordwijk – Flying Pig Beach
Utrecht – Strowis Hostel
Giethoorn – Black Sheep Hostel
Zwolle - Hostel & Bar De Basis
Leeuwarden – Alibi Hostel
Groningen – Rebel Rebel Hostel
Den Haag – King Kool hostel
Delft – Buitengoed de Uylenburg
Rotterdam – ROOM hostel
Tilburg – hostel Roots
Valkenswaard – Harba Lorifa
Maastricht – Green Elephant hostel

So what are you waiting for? Find that friend that you’ve been wanting to take a trip with a have a catch up while you enjoy nature. So,check your bike is ready! Backlight! Plan your trip! Book your hostel (don't forget the discount code)… Bring plenty of water & GO!!!!

Hostel ROOM’s Lazy Route!  

Cycling from Rotterdam to Utrecht

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Km: 63 km
CO2 savings: 9456 grams
Energy consumption: 1355 Kcal

With an average speed of 18 km within 3.5hours you can get from the heart of Rotterdam to the heart of Utrecht, just on a regular city bike. Ideal for a day trip if you just want to start the morning relaxed and have enough time to stop in nice places and picnic spots along the way.

From Rotterdam you initially follow the water as much as possible. Start at the Erasmus Bridge (just behind ROOM hostel), follow the Maas until the Brienenoord Bridge, which then changes into the Nieuwe IJssel. Passing Capelle aan den IJssel, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel and Moordrecht you will then reach the beautiful picturesque Gouda. Be sure to stop here at one of the many cheese specialty stores. You can't go through without cheese! Then you continue your way via Haastrecht, Oudewater and via Woerden, as you cycle slowly into Utrecht. The small South Holland villages are especially nice to cycle through.

Once you reach the center of Utrecht, there is of course more than enough to do! Fortunately, Joost and his team at Hostel Strowis are already ready to welcome you with the best inside tips about how best to explore and enjoy their beautiful city!

Cycling from Rotterdam to Delft

Duration: 56 minutes
Km: 17 km
CO2 savings: 2541 grams
Energy consumption: 361 Kcal

With an average speed of 18 km you canreach the heart of Delft within an hour on a regular city bike. Perfect if you made it home late the night before, and still want to see a lot of Rotterdam.

In this case you actually follow the river Schie and you might stop at the Zweth or Den Hoorn.

Passing the TU and the Pottery of DelftsBlauw will lead you to arrive in beautiful Delft, with a rich history of the Royal House tradition and of course the beautiful world famous Delfsblauw! Buyyourself a nice clog as a souvenir 😉!

In Buitengoed de Uylenburg they are happy to tell you more about local tips in their town, just ask them!

Cycling from Rotterdam to The Hague

Duration: 1 hour and 34 minutes
Km: 28 km
CO2 savings: 4227 grams
Energy consumption: 607 Kcal

With an average speed of 18 km you can bein the middle of The Hague within 2 hours on a regular city bike. This is a really nice day trip if you also want to stop for a few hours in Delft and then continue towards the coast. If you want to take this route then Delft is the perfect break! After that, it won't be long before you get to discover all the unknown things about The Hague. The Hague will certainly surprise you with everything in and around the centre, from the Escher Museum to the beach of Kijkduin and Scheveningen!

Jan van King Kool is happy to tell you the best tips about his 'beautiful city behind the Dunes'! Visit the Binnenhof, the Peace Palace, but also look for the statue of Harry from The Hague, right in the center of the city. Eat a herring at the best fishmonger in town, near the Binnenhof. And of course you also have a Haags Hopje with your coffee!

For more tips on where to go and routes to follow around the Netherlands, just follow the latest news via Instagram: www.instagram.com/bikepackingholland

And don't forget to mention #bikepacking when you make a booking at the participating hostels if you want to get the best inside info and find out about discounts available!

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